I’m one of the recipients of the email that circulated across Amarillo on September 1st and 2nd 2005. I’m also guilty of forwarding the email to a dozen or more people. I won’t attempt to sway your opinion.

Just read and formulate your own opinion.

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The Email:

Greg Mitchell's response as posted on the Amarillo Globe News web site:

The Fallout: September 3, 2005

The Editorial: September 4, 2005

Moving On:

Kudos to the editorial board of the Amarillo Globe-News for your defense of Mr. Mitchell against the evil, wicked disinformation email campaign launched against him. You even used scripture to drive your point home. Double height letters, bold font, double spaced and all capitals.

Impressive, that the same newspaper that credited the devil for the devastation in New Orleans would quote scripture to defend one of its favorite sons.

As you clearly stated, the whole thing boils down to he-said, she-said. So let's chalk this one up as a draw and move on.

This email was mass distributed across Amarillo on Monday August 29th. Raise your hand if you received this email and shrugged it off as an "Urban Myth". Or did you heed the warning and fill your tank?

Someone call Steve Irwin aka 'The Crocodile Hunter', there just might be alligators in the city sewers after all.

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